Frequently Asked Questions

If the amount is not listed on the ticket, you will need to call the issuing court to obtain the amount due.
The citation, case, or docket number is located on the ticket. For state trooper issued tickets this number is the "Agency Tracking Number".
Typically the city or county is listed on the ticket. If you are unable to locate the city or county, contact the phone number listed on the ticket for more information.
1. Select the "Make A Payment" button
2. Select the state of the court you're wanting to make a payment to.
3. Select the county or city of the court you're wanting to make a payment to.
4. Select the court that you're wanting to make a payment to. This may not be on the citation; if it's not you'll need to call the number on the citation and ask them which court you should be making the payment to.
5. Fill out the form with the citation holder's information. If you do not know your citation number you'll also need to call the court and ask them what this number is; the same can be said for the amount of the citation as well.
6. Submit the information.
7. You should receive a receipt if the payment was successful. Please not the payment is not final until accepted to rejected by the court.
8. You may look at the status of the payment here anytime
You will be given a payment status number when payment is made. With the number you can check the status of your payment here anytime In addition, you will also be send an email confirmation, please be sure to also check you junk and spam folder.
Contact the court in which the wrong payment was made so they can reject your payment. Please simply make another payment to the correct court.
You will need to enter the information of the person for whom you are paying for.
Credit and debit cards can be declined for a variety of reasons: insufficient funds, bank restrictions, credit limits, or expired cards. Contact your card issuer for further questions about why the payment failed to process.
The payment is not final until it has been reviewed and accepted by the court. You will receive an email once that payment has been accepted or rejected. You may also track the status of your payment here
If you've lost your ticket and have no record of any information present on the ticket then you'll want to get in contact with the court of the city or county you received the ticket in and inquire about the details of your lost ticket.